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Z axis end stop KIT. ARTILLERY X1-GENIUS & X2 & GPRO**

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Z axis end stop Artillery printers (not Hornet)

This Z axis endstop will fit the X1 and Genius. It will also fit the X2 and Gpro with a firmware change (see Ruby firmware flash)

1 x Z Axis stop sensor. *Newer plunger style.

*If you require the inductive sensor (magnetic) please write in notes.

1 x hex bolt & z slot nut

1 x 3d printed Endstop support (use with X1-Genius screw into frame, do not use with Zslot nut)

1 x jumper (to easily put motherboard into DFU mode for X2 - Gpro Ruby motherboard)

Using the Links below you can reflash the X2 and Gpro to standard manual 5 point bed levelling (NO ABL sensor).

We also provide simple instructions on how to reflash the Artillery firmware. From 2;40minutes ;

Artillery support downloads.

X2 manual level firmware; Artillery Sidewinder X2 Firmware (Manual Leveling)

Genius Pro manual level firmware; Artillery Genius Pro Firmware (Manual Leveling)

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